Scorpio Shoes at the Great British Tattoo Show 2014

Not surprisingly we are keeping up tradition and making our regular trip to another tattoo event. We just can’t help ourselves; we get a great buzz at these events, meet some fantastic people, get to see some incredible art work and continue to show our love for our customers. 

Scorpio Shoes Best Of British Since 1960

Scorpio Shoes will be attending the Great British Tattoo Show, 24th – 25th May 2014.

After the Tattoo Freeze in Telford (which was AH-MAZE-INNNGG), it is time to heat things up and pack our sun-tan lotion and head for the Great British Tattoo Show at the Alexandra Palace in London, one of the biggest tattoo events of the year, which is brought to you by Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine.

With the opportunity to be a canvas for top artists, make sure you’ve booked your slot in advance, so you do not miss out on the chance to ink your life up!

Although the essence is about tattoos, the show is more than just that! There will be a boat load of entertainment to be enjoyed. With DJ Megan Daniels, Zombie Boy, live music, award shows, parties and fashion shows including Buttress and Snatch luxury lingerie show, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Most importantly come along to Scorpio Shoes (probably the Greatest Shoe Shop in Britain) and get a first look at the latest, most stylish, swanky looking and off the wall footwear with BIG SAVINGS to be had (as always) on top brands such as Converse, Dr MartensEtnies, Grinders, Gucinari, Hades, Mustang, New Rock, Palladium and Yoma. Get ahead of the latest fashion and snap up a pair of our fantastic shoes at this event.

Say no to normal! Dare to be courageous. Be bold. Be different. BE YOURSELF! There will be no sh!t on the 24th and 25th May 2014 just shoes, ink and diversity.


Yeah… well our dad is Bruce Lee!

Recently we have had an international customer, who we shall refrain from naming, who has attempted to get his purchase from us for a reduced price by threatening to make posts on our social media sites and attempting to ruin our reputation if we did not meet his demands.  Obviously he was not the first and will not be the last and while we always deal with customers with the utmost respect and professionalism, we just had to tell people about this one.

This all started when the customer had not given us his complete delivery address so when we shipped his order it was returned to us undelivered and he then had to pay for the shipping again. He voluntarily agreed to do this and we then shipped his order again with the correct address info.

A few days later we received an email from the customer saying he had received the shoes but they were dirty and damaged and that he was very disappointed, firstly with the address issue and now this. We replied expressing our concern and confusion as we inspect every item before shipping without any exception (as anyone who has ordered from us previously will probably know) and these had passed the inspection. We asked if he could clarify what had happened and if he could send us a few photographs showing the issue he was referring to.  He then sent us photographs showing the shoes which were obviously dirty and could not have passed our inspection unnoticed. He then went on to say that we should send him some new shoes and make them an honest price?

At this stage we started to become suspicious as we knew the shoes did not get shipped in that condition and his request to make the shoes a fair price seemed to suggest that cost was part of the issue at hand. We then explained that the shoes were not shipped in such a state and if he received them as such then they must have been interfered with during delivery and that we would need to contact the couriers involved, to which he replied:

“I have paid more than 200€ for damaged and dirty shoes. And that’s it. There is absolutely no chance that someone wore them during the shipping, come on. Plus, they arrived without box.
Here is the deal I suggest you. You refund me 100€ for the 3 shippings, and for the damage, and for the dirt/damage issue, and I keep those shoes, and the pictures stays between me and you. Otherwise I would have to post this pictures on social medias explaining the situation.”

Hmmm, they arrived without a box you say? but what is that in the photo you sent us showing the damage to the shoes?

frech photo1

Why that looks just like the Dr Martens box we shipped your order in? but you say they did not arrive in one, hmmm how very strange?

We then questioned this claim of no box , told him we had nothing to hide regarding his threats of social media exposure and that we were handing this over to the courier company to investigate, to which he replied:

“I agree to help you in this investigation. But, I want you to understand that I can simply not pay that much for those shoes. So I ask you to make a nice commercial gesture about this whole situation. By the way, did you wrap the package in a purple plastic? The package was shipped to my office, the guardian signed it. It was a purple package. Then the brown cardboard package, and then the Dr. Martens bag, with the shoes in it, and in the shoes, wrapping paper.”

Ok, so now they did have a cardboard package, also known as a BOX,  you didn’t actually receive them yourself and after threatening us with social media posts, you now want us to make “a nice commercial gesture” because you “simply not pay that much for those shoes” ?

It was at this stage we realised we were dealing with some kind of mastermind who was playing games so complex that we couldn’t even begin to understand. Despite his threats we decided to offer him a partial refund of his postage as a gesture of goodwill even though he was not entitle to it . The reply we received was laced with expletives which we wont post on here but it did contain the following gem:

“Refund me, or trust me that I’ll make sure that EVERY single of your customers will know that, and I’ll make sure that you don’t sell any SINGLE more of your sh!t !  I am a clothe retailer in france and my sister and my wife are lawyers, we won’t let it end like that”

If we are going to get childish then “our Dad is Bruce Lee”

We have seen he has posted a few comments on various social medias so I guess it comes down to who you believe in this circumstance, us a well-known and trusted retailer who can back up our facts with hard evidence or him,  someone who can’t get his own address right, who makes threats and then asks for nice gestures, and who tries to get a discount by claiming his order arrived without a box but then sent us photos showing the box he claims they didn’t arrive in?

Nice try!

As with all retailers, we do get complaints from time to time and the majority of these are dealt with swiftly and with no bad feelings on both parties. We have safeguards in place to ensure our products are shipped in the condition we state and customers are always made aware of any faults or defects prior to shipping, often receiving a discount on the item. We will never submit to threats of any kind. We would just like to thank all of our customers, old and new, who continue to purchase from us.



Valentines Day Gift Guide For Shoe-Lovers

Valentines Day Gift Guide For Shoe-Lovers

February the 14th is a day for showing your special someone just how much you love them. Yet for many Valentines day can get a bit stressful when thinking about just what gift to present to your loved one as a token of your affection.

This guide is for those people.
More specifically, its for those people who have a partner with a love of shoes. You’ll know if thats you because your home, each room, every corridor, every wardrobe, cupboard and shoe rack will be festooned with footwear. You’ll have arguments along the lines of “ANOTHER pair of shoes?!” “They were reduced, so really I’ve saved you money, honey.”

If any of that rings true, carry on reading. If not, stop now and go any buy chocolates, champagne or an experience gift pack.

Still with us. OK, lets do this…


The first thing you are going to need to know is her shoe size. You can find this out by doing a random sampling of the plethora of shoes overtaking your home. Look either on the bottom of the sole or inside the shoe some indication of what the size is. Be aware that most manufacturers will print the sizes in different formats, for example the most common formats to find are UK, European (EU) and US (American). You will need to be able to convert between these, and the list below should be sufficient to aid with this.

EU 36 = UK 3 = US Womens 5
EU 37 = UK 4 = US Womens 6
EU 38 = UK 5 = US Womens 7
EU 39 = UK 6 = US Womens 8
EU 40 = UK 6.5 = US Womens 9  / US Mens 7
EU 41 = UK 7 = US Womens 10 / US Mens 8
EU 42 = UK 8 = US Womens 11 / US Mens 9
EU 43 = UK 9 = US Mens 10
EU 44 = UK 10 = US Mens 11
EU 45 = UK 11 = US Mens 12
EU 46 = UK 12 = US Mens 13
EU 47 = UK 13 = US Mens 14

Of course, sizes can vary from brand to brand, and the only way you are ever going to be certain of getting a correct fit for your lady friend is to physically get the shoes on her feet, so don’t worry too much about it. Just don’t go getting your size UK 4 girl and pair of size UK 8 clown shoes and you’ll be sweet!

The next thing is to decide which style of shoe to go for. This is the hardest bit, and for ladies getting the “perfect” shoes is a very complicated business and highly dependent on the lady in question. The important thing to consider is…


You want her to feel happy about these shoes, right. Knowing the character and mood of your girl will be key. Before you decide on what style of shoe to go for, put out a few feelers to test the waters. Is there a longing or a love for going out? Restaurants? Theatre? Clubs & pubs? Dancing? If so, then consider what she might wear to such an event, and look for shoes that will go with those outfits. AND the handbags – check those out too. Ladies love to have matching bags and shoes. They just do. (Guys don’t worry so much if their shoes don’t match their wallet, but its a big deal for ladies).
The shoes should also be practical. And by that I do not mean plain boring with good padding, ankle support and steel toe caps. I mean, if they are going dancing, then she should be able to go dancing in them without falling off them and snapping her ankle. High heels are OK, just don’t go for the 12 inch platform heels that make her look like the last tree in the forest in a strong wind.
Above all, get shoes that other women will compliment her on. She will love this! But also, she will love telling her friends “I don’t know where they are from or how much they were, because my boyfriend/husband bought them for me!” If she can say this line, then guys, its mission accomplished! Sit back, enjoy your drink, and await the smooches that will be arriving imminently.


Ladies, you too will need to follow the guide to determine your fella’s shoes size (above).
Once you know this, you can start deciding what style to go for.

Usually it is thought that men are more practically minded than women, when choosing footwear. And while we may indeed pay more attention to things like what the performance characteristics of materials like Goretex lined upper fabrics and Phylon midsoles are like, it may actually be surprising to you, girls, to know that we too have feelings.


Guys also like to be complimented on their shoes, and there is an old-fashioned thing that you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. And to some extent that is true. So when you are deciding what style of shoes to get your man, think about how he would like to feel when wearing them, AND being seen to be wearing them by those whom he wishes to make an impression on. He too, when asked, will say something like “My girlfriend/wife/partner bought them for me. Yes, she does know me very well. I wouldn’t have chosen them for myself but I love them! She did a good job!” And if you can have him saying stuff like this to his mates and colleagues, then well done indeed! Sit back, sip your wine / tea / beer with a smug smile, and brace yourself for the incoming snogs.



For Him: Overwhelmingly its brogues that are popular at the moment, and there are so many variations of the brogue that you are certain to be able to find a style that suits your man’s tastes. Also popular are pointed toes and animal skin textured leathers. Crocodile skin effect leathers have always earned the wearer more man-points, for some reason.

For Her: There are two themes popular in women’s shoes right now; the vintage retro look harking back to the 40’s pin-up culture, and the emerging steampunk / sci-fi look which mainly concentrates on high heel shoes and booties.

Our suggestions for him;
Ikon Oslo Mens Leather 3-eyelet Country Brogue Boots - Tan BrownGucinari D369-E1 Mens Leather Brogue Chelsea Boots - Red Brown

Ikon Oslo £70                                                           Gucinari D369-E1 £99.95

Our suggestions for her:

Irregular Choice Hook Line & Sinker 3081-12H Womens High Heel Court Shoes - Black & WhiteHades Oxford Womens Metallic Plated Cogs & Gears Heel Ankle Boots - Brown

Irregular Choice Hook Line & Sinker £79.77               Hades Oxford £180


The Taskers – No Sh!t, Just shoes

The Taskers are a grungy 2 piece brother and sister band hailing from Stafford, England who have flatteringly named an album after our well know slogan. sh!t, just shoes is their latest release featuring some kick ass tracks and is available on ITUNES, Spotify, Amazon & Google Playstore. To celebrate this collaboration we are offering discounts on shoes and albums. For full details please visit

Valentines Day gift ideas for her

What do I get her for Valentines Day?

Guys, we all know whats it’s like, you used all your inspiration in choosing that perfect gift for the lady in your life at Christmas and now Valentines Day is fast approaching, you are desperate for gift ideas. Most men will hastily try to book a table at a restaurant who charge a fortune for the special romantic meal (a candle and red rose thrown into their standard menu) or pick up that last bunch of dying pansies at the petrol station on the way home, but this year you can do better!

Guys have no fear, this year Scorpio Shoes have your back. Get her flowers that will last.

valentines flowers1

We have an amazing range of footwear with floral patterns, prints and decorations and everyone know that if there’s one thing a lady loves apart from flowers, its shoes. With a huge selection from top brands such as Dr Martens, Irregular Choice, Iron fist, Rocket Dog and many more, she is bound to be impressed with your fashion insight and thoughtfulness and with prices ranging from £13.99  to £130 there is sure to be something for everyone no matter what your budget is.




Scorpio Shoes launches Reboot

Here at Scorpio Shoes we have various outlets including stores in the North East, an online store and an eBay store which all sell our amazing range of brand new fashion footwear. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service and inspect all our shoes and boots before shipping to the customer and as such we sometime come across items which, for various reasons, we feel are not suitable for sale as new. These reasons range from faded colours, marks in the materials, differences in the materials or damaged items and even though all are brand new and unworn, we believe they do not meet the high standard we demand and are never sold as new.

The result of our high standards means we usually have a good selection of quality footwear with minor defects stored in our warehouse which we felt was a shame as most only have cosmetic issues. And so we launched Scorpio Reboot, an eBay store selling seconds, end of line and faulty items for a fraction of the RRP. All items are listed with full descriptions and photographs showing the faults if possible and are sold as seen with no returns unless a fault which is not listed is present. Please note Scorpio Reboot only offer UK postage.

These Iron Fist are available for just £34.99 with a small mark on one heel

These Irregular Choice are available for just £52.49 because they have a small spot of glue on one ribbon.

This pair of Dr Marten Aimee boots are only £85 because the suede has faded slightly.

So why not take a peek at the new Scorpio Reboot store on eBay and see if there is a great deal waiting for you?

Tales of trouble and trauma when dealing with Royal Mail

As well as our stores in the North East England, Scorpio Shoes also has an online store and as such we send a lot of parcels using various couriers. The majority of these deliveries go without a hitch, however recently we have been experiencing problems when sending parcels internationally using Royal Mail International Signed For service. Now we appreciate it has been Christmas and Royal Mail handle millions of postal items without issue, but the experience we have received recently as customers of Royal Mail has been what we can only describe as “ridiculous”.

royal failInitially Royal Mail lost a parcel we had sent to a customer in Germany. The customer contacted us to say he had not received his order and could we trace it for him. We attempted this using the tracking details Royal Mail had provided us with when we shipped it only to discover that the tracking details are only valid for the UK and only show the orders progress up to the point it left the UK. When we enquired with Royal Mail if we could have the parcels progress overseas we were informed that they do not receive these and if we wanted these we would have to use the Airsure service (which is obviously more expensive and will not stop parcels going missing but you will be informed when they do go missing). Now bear in mind we are using an International Signed For service which provides you with a tracking number, so when we asked what the “Signed For” part of that service was we were given the following answer:

“Signed for means that the person who delivers the parcel must get a signature.” That is it. They don’t have to do anything with that signature, they don’t have to provide the person who sent the parcel with it and can simply discard it once its been signed for if they wish? When we questioned whether they feel this was a misleading service and asked why we were provided with tracking details for an international service which is only valid in the UK we were told the service is straight forward and customers got what they paid for.

Our further attempts to locate our missing parcel led to us being told that our parcel was not lost it just could not be located and that we were unable to do anything about it until 30 days had passed.  30 days later and no parcel and no response from Royal Mail despite their claim of getting back in touch. So we call them again, follow the instructions offered by the automated phone service, get put through to a department who cant deal with this, get transferred to a person who can only read the tracking information back to us, get transferred back to another person who said that the parcel is lost and we will have to put in a claim for it. We asked for assistance in filling out the form to be informed that this was not that persons department and we will have to get transferred the claims department. This person who we have given every detail then transfers us to the claims dept. which inform us that we need to speak to the international claims dept. Another transfer and International claims dept say claims can take up to 90 days to process. We fill in the claim form and send it to them.

A few days later we are informed our parcel has been found – yippee. In order to make up for losing our parcel and delaying its delivery to our customer Royal Mail will have the parcel returned to us using a surface mail service and this can take up to 12 weeks. 12 weeks?WTF? After another 10 weeks we contacted Royal Mail (with the now standard operating procedure of providing every bit of information possible and then getting put through to the wrong dept)  asking where our missing parcel was to which we are informed they have no details regarding it? When we asked what we could do about it we were told to submit a claim for lost items. When we said we had already done that we were informed that as the parcel was found that claim was no longer valid and would have to submit a new one even though the “found” item was never delivered or returned.

As of yet coming up to 4 months later we have had no reply from Royal Mail despite their assurances of keeping us informed and there is still no sign of the missing parcel.

As we have said, we understand that items will go missing and that is understandable but it is the unaccountability of Royal Mail which is really irritating. Not once have they offered anything which remotely resembles assistance or done anything which we feel has helped resolve this matter. This is not the only parcel Royal Mail have lost recently and the story has been remarkably similar in every instance. Other couriers have lost parcels and we have had the matter resolved in a number of days.

This post is not meant as any kind of demonstration or warning against Royal Mail, it is simply a venting of pent-up frustration from having to deal with them on numerous occasions without any sign of any intelligent reasoning. If you have had any similar dealings we would love to hear about them.

(For legal reasons I should say This post does not reflect the feelings of Scorpio Shoes and its staff)

Scorpio Shoes picks alternatives to Pause

Pause, the fantastic mens fashion magazine, have listed their top 10 picks for mens winter boots. While we feel their list features some great footwear we have come up with an alternative top 10 of similar styled boots which are all available from Scorpio Shoes. So if you’re looking for a great pair of boots which will keep you protected from the elements yet stay consistent with your style, then look no further than this lot, available on-line and now with FREE SHIPPING in the UK.


1. Converse 140024 Chuck Taylor Leather Hi Top Basketball boots £59



2. Paolo Vandini PI Player Leather warm lined boot £79.99

Paolo Vandini PI-Player Fur Mens Leather Warm Lined Lace-Up Boots - Tan Brown

3. Palladium Pampa Sports Cuff WPS Mens Warm Lined Waterproof Ankle Boots £99

Palladium Pampa Sports Cuff WPS Mens Warm Lined Waterproof Ankle Boots - Black

4. Dr Martens Dalton Mens Leather Buckle Lace Boot £180

Dr Martens Dalton Mens Leather Buckle Lace Boot - Black

5. Dr Martens Harlow Mens Leather Boots £125

Dr Martens Harlow Mens Leather Boots - Brown

6. Tradesafe Rigger Mens Leather Warm Lined Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots £29.99

Tradesafe Rigger Mens Leather Warm Lined Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots - Tan Brown

7. Paolo Vandini Greig Mens Premium Leather Slip-On Chelsea Boots £95

Paolo Vandini Greig Mens Premium Leather Slip-On Chelsea Boots - Black

8. Go West Desperado Mens Leather And Snakeskin Western Cowboy Boots £350

Go West Desperado Mens Leather And Snakeskin  Western Cowboy Boots - Natural & Cafe Brown

9. Mjus 304204 Mens Leather 6-Eyelet Brogue Boots £110

Mjus 304204 Mens Leather 6-Eyelet Brogue Boots - Pietra Brown

10. Gucinari 3360 Mens Leather Faux Snake Skin Side Zip Boots £129

Gucinari 3360 Mens Leather Faux Snake Skin Side Zip Boots - Blue, Brown & Black


Scorpio Shoes loves tattoos

Its 2014 and Scorpio Shoes are keeping up their tradition of attending as many tattoo shows and events as possible. Not only do we love these events and you colorful characters  who attend them but it appears that you love us too, judging by the response we always get from the public.

frozen scorp 1

The next event we are attending is the Tattoo Freeze in Telford, the UKs first tattoo event of the year. Brought to you by Skin Deep, Tattoo Master and Tattoo Jam, this amazing event will feature more than just tattoos and related paraphernalia. Photography Competitions,  a Graffiti Zone, Body & Face Painting, Ice carving, Rollergirls, BMX and Skate demos and Live Music means there will be something of interest to all ages and with all children (up to 3 children with every paying adult) being admitted for FREE, this truly is an event for the full family.

As always Scorpio Shoes will have a great selection of the most eye catching and off the wall footwear with big savings on top brands such as Rocket Dog, Grinders, New rock, Etnies, Vans, Converse, Dr Martens, Iron Fist and Gucinari as well as the very latest season shoes from Irregular Choice and an amazing offer of Blowfish pumps for £20 (only at the event).

So join us at this chilled event, soak up the atmosphere, see some amazing artwork, artists and performers and get yourself some top notch footwear.

See you there.

Free UK Shipping

Scorpio Shoes are now offering Free UK Delivery on all orders.

Free UK delivery

So Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching. You’ve opened all your pressies and eaten more food than you’d care to admit. Now is usually when people start thinking of their New Years resolutions, getting fit and losing weight being the most common. With our fantastic range of training, fitness and outdoor leisure shoes, Scorpio Shoes is the perfect place to start off on the right foot.

Not only do we have an amazing selection of fitness orientated footwear from Dunlop, Mustang, Vans, Etnies, Converse, Fitflop and a new range of Sketchers but we are now offering FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders.  And if exercise is not high on your priority list then fear not as our offer also applies to all of our products including slouchy boots.

So here’s hoping you all had a very merry Christmas and have a great New Year.

Best wishes from Scorpio Shoes





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