Free Up Space In Your Shoe Closet: Re-deploy and Recycle Old Shoes.

Do you have shoes and boots gathering dust? Running out of shoe storage space? Here are some great ideas to re-deploy your footwear as planters for indoor & outdoor use and brighten up your home at the same time…

Footwear Planters!

If, however you want some more “ecological” or “environmentally friendly” suggestions of what to do with your old worn footwear, here is a list of some great ways to recycle.

Footwear Recycling Ideas!

  1. Freecycle: Freecycle is a great local organization where neighbors share their unwanted and not needed items. Go to the freecycle website for more information.
  2. Donate to a homeless shelter: OK, it might not be practical to donate your Iron Fist Zombie High Heels, but there are people who will appreciate a second-hand pair of trainers, Dr Martens, or hiking boots.
  3. Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program – Nike has a program where old sports shoes are recycled to make playground surface material & sports services. Your old sports shoes can be dropped off at any Nike store.
  4. Older shoes can be donated to thrift shops. Most thrift shops donate proceeds to charity.
  5. Why not host a shoe swap party with friends? Instead of letting those sandals you bought last year gather dust because they didn’t fit and you didn’t return them (who hasn’t at least one pair like this?) get together with friends for a girly night in with wine, nibbles and a bag of your “as-good-as-new” shoes each to try on and swap.
  6. Your local recycling center may have a shoe recycling program, which may be worth checking out.
  7. Donate your shoes to Eco Cycle – A recycling program where your shoes will be given to someone who needs them.
  8. Donate your old Kenneth Cole shoes and receive 20% off on a new pair.
  9. Contact Souls 4 Souls to see how to recycle or donate your used shoes.
  10. Visit Recycled Runners to learn about different shoe recycling programs around the world.

Of course, nature abhors a vacuum! So all that space you have freed up in your shoe closet will have to be filled again, won’t it? Its natures way and resistance is futile. We think we might be able to help you out with that… 😉

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